1. Accounting Setup

It is the initial stage that must be fulfilled in forming the correct accounting system so that the results of financial statements can be accountable to the owner of the company. As for forming accounting, companies must prepare the following things: Staff who have an accounting Education background, Flowchart of transaction flows, Chart of Accounts (COA), to accounting systems that have been tested.

2. Accounting Service

Not a few companies failed to form a good accounting system, so financial statements were always ignored and scattered transactions were not properly organized, even though a company had to store data for 10 years.

3. Accounting Review

Many companies run their accounting systems independently but not a few of the results of their reports are out of the corridor of accounting standards, so the reports presented are not feasible and cannot be accounted for. for this reason, companies must review the results of financial statements through external parties who understand and can analyze transaction errors therein, so that the presentation of financial statements can be justified.

4. Audit Accounting

A financial report must be tested through transactions that occur in it so that the presentation of financial statements can be accounted for by management. This is to avoid companies from acts of financial fraud (theft of goods, corruption, etc.) Audit accounting is the right choice for business owners who do not jump directly handle the operations of their business.

5. Management Accounting

A business must have the right and strong management name, management accounting helps your business to be able to optimize HR and develop the right management structure that is structured with the flowchart and the right work system.

6. Accounting Training

Looking for Human Resources who have a background and accounting experience is quite difficult, many talented human resources are minimal in terms of experience, for that we are ready to train your human resources to be more able to broaden their horizons and implement the correct accounting system in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards.

7. External Stock Opname

Many business leaks are carried out in a planned and structured manner, many companies can only raise their hands after all the years of inventory that are not in accordance with those recorded, the significant amount of loss ensures that this is done in a planned and structured manner. To ensure that this does not happen, the company must cooperate with outside parties to carry out stock taking of inventory, so that the report presented is a real report that can be accounted for.