Last week (23/9) the total of  5 person of  Tiraya group’s crews went on and visiting one of Bali’s infamous recreational village, Paksebali.

Beautifully uncovered, Paksebali offered an aray of recreational activities for its visitors. With as little as Rp 200.000,- you can get a 2-3 hours village tours that provides unique and expanding experience for your discovery. The experience started with you being greeted warmly by the staffs, while they offered refreshing complimentary drinks. You can register your name while sipping on the delicious cold lemonade they provide.

When the registration is done, they will then assist you and your team to their main course – the village tour. As walking down the street for 2-3 hours could be hot, you might wanna prepare some hat and sunglasses before you sign up. Long sleeves clothes wouldn’t hurt either.

One of the first area they took you to would be a place where they produce traditional Balinese garments called “Endek”. Here, you get to experience the long process of producing this particular garment loved by many. You can even try the machine and actually following the procedure (that is, until you get bored) of its making.

After the “Endek” machines, you will then be assisted to the second place of which they produce gamelan equipments. The place is literally on fire, so you gotta be careful and watch your way while watching the villagers working.

Soon after, they will then take you to a place where they are doing the coloring for Balinese umbrella and “Endek” garments. Here, you can try to do the coloring (They let you!) or just watch the villagers do their work. They are very skilled in their expertise, and we assure you that you will be awed by their techniques and velocity.

Next, your tour guide will take you to series of notches located above the original street. You have to make your way up through the steep stones (make sure you wear casual shoes) and continue your journey above. There, you will be provided with another refreshing beverages. This time, its coconut drinks.

Your tour will be finished soon, but the memories will forever stay with you. If you are interested though, you can also try some of their recently developed activities such as cooking class and tracking.

When visiting this village, Tiraya Group was discussing some possibilities about how this village could expand more and be known as one of the best tourism village in the province of Bali. We gave several advices about how Paksebali could step up its marketing game and being discovered more by the citizen. We were also talking about the possibility of making some development masterplan for the expansion of the village.