Amid a pandemic that we all see in the world today, freedom is one that many people desire. The domino effect of the coronavirus pandemic that we are dealing with, one of which is the longing of freedom in economics.

We are talking about the setback of hopes to attain freedom of movement, better access to health services, and the freedom to get the best education for our children.

The subtle financial crisis in many countries is gradually getting more obvious. The crisis vividly hits various types of industries on any scale, as we are all witnessing now.

Not to mention the interference of local political policies that are often fickle and contribute to destabilizing the economy.

But does this mean that you have to stop seeing opportunities to invest for your freedom after the pandemic ends?

If you are thinking about gaining freedom and better access in life, whether it’s for residing or doing business, you may as well want to find answers for questions like: Where is that one special place? What will possibly be the challenges? How to overcome those possible challenges?

At this point, you must have considered a plan to changing citizenship or to at least applying for dual citizenship (if your country allows you to have dual citizenship).

However, changing citizenship is not trivial. In addition to considering the amount of cash you have to prepare, thorough business planning, or retirement, you are once again challenging yourself with the question of the ease of access and the nature of freedom that you aim to have.

What kind of freedom and access that you see in your destination country? Will any sort of freedom or access requires you to sacrifice things that you already have?

The good news is, there is a surefire answer to put your worries aside about the freedom and access you will have and achieve when you hold new citizenship status. The answer is to become part of EU citizens.

One of the freedoms you will have by being an EU citizen is freedom of movement. You can travel between the 28-member states freely, with no visas, and remain there with no restrictions.

No more queuing in a long line at the custom airport for travel. EU passport allows unlimited travel, safe passage, and consular assistance for you and your family in situations beyond your control.

In parallel, you can register a company and launch a branch of an existing EU-based business in any EU country, Iceland, Norway, or Liechtenstein quickly and easily. In most EU countries, you can set up a new company for less than EUR 100 in less than 3 working days, completing all procedures online through a single administrative body.

A tremendous relief in setting up your long-run plans as you were probably still figuring out what would be the best plan in settling, advancing, and/or expanding your business, investment, or career in your original country.

As much as the fancied benefit of easy traveling access, one may also say that health care benefits and career advancement opportunities are two important things to consider too as well, in the plan of changing nationality. That is when you will appreciate yourself for having an EU passport.

Any job vacancy posted in one of those 28 countries within the EU is also available for you. Along with your access to obtain reciprocal healthcare whether you are on holiday or studying abroad, residing permanently in another EU country, or when traveling to another EU member state to receive medical treatment.

At this point, you might be thinking, “Okay, there are quite a lot of benefits for being an EU citizen. Very interesting. But how? How do I get citizenship in the EU? Which country should I choose?”

The good news is, you can now claim and enjoy the benefits of being an EU citizen by holding a Montenegro passport.

Yes, you read it right. We are talking about Montenegro. We are talking about this future-is-now country.

Proclaiming their independence in 2006, Montenegro has ever since developed very rapidly by strictly applying their Conservative Zoning & Planning framework, limiting overdevelopment. It has proved to be a safe, politically stable country. It is exciting. It has the real potential to grow rapidly to foresee further, sustainable development for now and for years to come.

Everyone can now be part of this exciting, sustainable growth of Montenegro. This also means that everyone can grasp the benefits of having a brighter, and better future as an EU citizen by being a Montenegrin.

In addition, Montenegro has long been considered to have one of the most attractive tax systems with its flat-rate income and corporate tax at 9%. On top of that, you will have a peace of mind for not having a chance to spend double taxation on any personal, corporate, and property income since Montenegro has signed a treaty with over 40 countries for entities and individuals.

Worth to also mention that their adoption of using the Euro as their currency since February 2009 promotes their monetary stability. It also shapes a favorable investment environment, creating benefits for foreign investors and helping them with the implementation of investments.

As enticing as it sounds for your future business/investment plans, Montenegro preserves its beauty for your upcoming plans of residency. Its landscape combination of mountains, deep valleys, natural ice lakes, sand beaches, and attractive islands is absolutely breathtaking.

Bringing visitors three times as many as its total population every year, Montenegro’s tourism industry – which accounts for roughly 20% of its GDP – has been growing strongly, propelling investments in other sectors of the economy.

Energy and agriculture are also positively considered as their two distinct pillars of the economy.

Whether you are about to reside in Montenegro for business/investment purposes or retirement plans, you will surely need a seamless, uninterrupted connection to your families, business colleagues, or partners.

Rest assured that this is something under the Montenegro government’s rigorous attention.

In any part of the nation, you will enjoy no less than an excellent connection with the rest of the world. Thanks to their well-planned optical cables, 3G Network, and fast internet-based services throughout the country.

The same thoughtful attention goes to the offline connection. Their two major airports – one located in Podgorica and the other one in Tivat – open for daily flights to all regional capitals and major cities in Europe.

Less barrier to communication and connection gives you more time to be productive as well as enjoying your new life in Montenegro.

We really mean it when we say that you will be more productive. Whether you are in Montenegro for pursuing your career advancement, building your business, or taking care of your investment.

Additionally, you will also find yourself in the crowd of young, energetic, and multi-talented Montenegrin who are eager to grow with you at a full speed.

According to census 2011, 14% (86,811 people) out of their total population of 620,029 inhabitants were in the age range of 15-34. The strategy for adult education in the country was specifically put in place for the purpose of contributing to the growth of competitiveness, employment, and entrepreneurship.

As the new plans of living in Montenegro as part of the EU citizens are clear along with tons of exciting benefits, new questions may subsequently arise.

Is it expensive to get Montenegro citizenship? Does it involve difficult processes to get one?

The answer, or we rather say, the good news is no, it is not expensive to obtain Montenegro citizenship. And no, it does not involve difficult processes at all. Let us explain.

In order to hold a Montenegro passport i.e. being a legal Montenegrin, you will only need to invest in a property.

Buying a property in Montenegro is your golden ticket. And to compare with other EU countries with similar benefits, Montenegro is well-known to be the most affordable place to invest and settle your new life in.

To add to that low-cost benefit of investing property in Montenegro, it’s also worth knowing that there are plenty of property options available as of now.

The vast options of available properties across the country give you not only more freedom of choice, but also a whole set of attractive prices to chose.

The future is now. This is your unique opportunity for a long run exit plan and to gain exciting benefits of being a member of the EU citizen. Claim your Montenegro residency now before someone else does.

Purchasing property in Montenegro now will save expensive efforts to secure the dream of being an EU resident.