Tiraya Legal's Corporate Services team assists and provides businesses across the Indonesia with their company administration. In conjunction with Tiraya Legal’s other specialist practice areas, including Corporate Structuring, we provide a full service offering for the establishment and ongoing administration 

Tiraya Legal’s Corporate Services team can particularly assist as follows:

  • Prepare board/shareholders meetings packs, attend those and take minutes;
  • Carry-out online/ physical document/ corporate actions submissions;
  • Interact directly with regulatory authorities on behalf of clients;
  • Provide registered office;
  • Maintain shareholders, directors and company secretary registers;
  • Issue/cancel share certificates;
  • Act as a company secretary;
  • Act as a nominee shareholder;
  • Assist with bank account opening process to the extent allowed under relevant regulations and financial institution’s policies;
  • Assist with residency visa/immigration matters;
  • Form SPVs in respect of financing transactions and provide them with corporate services; and
  • Witness execution and certify documents as true copies.

Why Corporate Services and Tiraya Legal ? We have seen companies being fined for a failure to fulfil important duties such as document submission deadlines and shareholder meeting obligations, which negatively impacted their business and their reputation. Tiraya Legal’s broad coverage of the Indonesia makes us well-placed to advise clients on properly administering their corporate records to ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements.Our Corporate Services team is unique as it is comprised of lawyers who, under the Corporate Services arm, provide their services at competitive fees and work hand-in-hand with Tiraya Legal’s sector specialists to ensure a full service offering for every client.