We advise all kinds of education providers including colleges, universities, training academies, schools and pre-schools, on:

  • Real estate including, advising generally on land law, development and leasing requirements as well as more specifically on tenant and landlord obligations, assessment of building standards and arrangement of musataha agreements with government entities and developers and student accommodation
  • Construction and infrastructure including construction, operation and maintenance of new campuses
  • Employment issues including immigration, contracts, review of HR policies and general HR matters
  • Intellectual property including copyright assignment, ownership advice and model agreements
  • Legislation & policy and operational regulatory compliance, particularly with education authorities and other relevant organisations, including food & drug and customs authorities
  • R&D and innovations, patent protection, technology transfer and commercialisation of inventions
  • Dispute resolution including litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • General commercial advisory including, advising on consultancy services, management, education transport services and operation and maintenance agreements
  • Environmental law and sustainable development issues in relation to acquisition and development of land and environmental planning, licensing and discharge consents