In recognition of the growing role played by mediation in resolving disputes , Tiraya Legal  has established its own team of trained mediation specialists to provide advice to clients on the process, to assist as counsel in mediations and to sit as mediators of commercial disputes across the region.

Our approach is that the mediation process should be considered as an option for the resolution of any dispute between two or more parties. The earlier the mediation can take place, the greater will be the saving in terms of costs both of time and legal fees and the best chance will be provided to maintain a good relationship between the parties.

If you have a dispute that you wish to resolve and you are considering mediation, we will act as your legal advisers and as counsel and guide you through the whole process.

To start with, we will advise you on what the mediation process involves and how best to prepare for it.  We will then review with you the issues in dispute and your interests and will assist with analysis of the various risks associated with the dispute, including your Best and Worst Alternatives to a Negotiated Settlement.

We will then help to arrange the mediation, assist in choosing an appropriate mediator, assist in the preparation of information for the mediator, attend the mediation meeting and support you with the negotiations throughout the day, following which we will draft any terms of settlement that are agreed.

It is very important that those who attend the mediation meeting have authorisation to settle from their company on the day. If an individual is tasked with the role of representing his company in a mediation and he is concerned about the scope of his authority to settle, we will work with the company before the meeting and encourage the creation of clear guidelines for the negotiator to work within.