1. Tax Administration

Each taxpayer must register to complete the taxation database. Tax administration includes: NPWP Registration, PKP Registration, e-FIN Registration, Data Change Registration and Business Location Transfer until the NPWP is deleted.

2. Tax Report

Business owners who are registered as taxpayers must report their business activities and must make tax reports related to their business activities which consist of Period / Monthly tax reports and Annual tax reports. 

3. Tax Advisor

Helps break down the taxation problems that you face so that they are efficient in solving them, of course, all are based on legal legal loopholes so that you can sleep comfortably and be free from complicated tax law issues.

4. Tax Audit Assistant 

Representing and accompanying you in the event of a tax audit, so that every action in the inspection is carried out appropriately, correctly and results in an efficient inspection to avoid mistakes in applying improper rules.

5. Tax Dispute

Accompanying your company in tax law issues / disputes through the mechanism of objection, appeal and review back to the Supreme Court. This path is taken to ensure justice for taxpayers. 

6. Tax Review

Every company that has reported taxes is inseparable from negligence, giving rise to sanctions and burdening the company’s finances. To avoid this, companies should use external parties to review the tax that has been reported so that they can be more vigilant and know the potential sanctions that will occur. 

7. Tax Planning

Planning a business is incomplete without planning on its taxation, therefore a tax plan must be made to more efficiently run your business. The main purpose of Tax Planning is to minimize the tax burden and maximize the growth of your business, of course in a legal manner in accordance with the mandate of the law. 

8. Standard Operational Procedure Design

A management will be strong if the SOP is arranged for that we want to develop SOPs for your management to be more efficient so that you can optimize HR in your business and of course better tax administration. 

9. Tax Training

Tax training is very necessary to improve your company’s HR, for that we make special training for staff / employees who are ready to improve their skills and knowledge of taxation so that the quality of tax administration in your business becomes strong and avoids mistakes in implementing tax regulations. 

10. Tax Policy

Taxation policy that allows each taxpayer to get a sanction waiver, both from the results of inspection or correction due to tax reporting errors. We will assist in the request for reduction or elimination of sanctions.