Tiraya Legal has developed extensive capabilities in information technology law. Our firm have negotiated outsourcing, licensing, distribution, confidentiality and NDA agreements, collaboration and partnerships, research and development contracts, and a variety of technology services agreements on behalf of start-ups and traditional companies alike. We represent multi-national companies for their agreements, terms,  securities, tax, employment, executive compensation, regulatory and corporate matters. We have also advise clients on a variety of international trading issues, including web site development and operation, intellectual property, and numerous data ownership and privacy issues.

The Indonesia continues to provide a rich source of growth in the technology space. Private and public sector players across the Indonesia, are seeking to modernize, by adopting state-of-the-art solutions, and catching the broader global wave of innovation, data utilization, digital transformation and technological advancement. The need for better infrastructure, a general desire to move towards knowledge-based economies, and an increased focus on the efficient use of public funds, are all resulting in increased public sector investment in technology. Technology players continue to see the huge potential to grow their offerings across the region.